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Robellini Palm (Dwarf Date Palm)

Robellini Palm (Dwarf Date Palm)

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25 Gallon Extra Large Multi | 22.5" Pot Diameter | 5.5' to 7' height

25 Gallon | 22.5" Pot Diameter | 4.5' to 5.5' height

15 Gallon | 17" Pot Diameter | 3.5' to 4.5' height

7 Gallon | 14" Pot Diameter | 2' to 4' height

Robellini palms are dwarf palm trees that are popular among landscapers and houseplant enthusiasts alike. Their small size makes them versatile and they grow well individually or when planted in clusters. Robellini palms are frequently used as accent plants in landscaping, in containers, and indoors as houseplants. Characterized by graceful fronds that grow between three to five feet long and a thin trunk, robellini palms are sure to add a tropical flair to any space.

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